Transportation Services

Movement of goods, services and management personnel across picket lines can not only be stressful to those involved, but often violent, causing damage and costly law suits. We at Canadian Security Management can assist your firm in establishing a transportation game plan.

Goods And Services

In the past, Canadian Security Management has assisted common carriers by supplying contract drivers to move product across the picket line to or from marshalling yards to the strike bound facility. Common carriers can then take the product to its final destination.

This service has proven very effective, as drivers supplied by Canadian Security Management have many years of experience in dealing with picket line difficulties. One of the many benefits of this service is that common carriers do not have to attend the strike bound facility. This allows for better relations between striking employees and the common carrier employees, once the dispute has ended.

Management And Non-Striking Staff

The transportation of management staff in and out of your facilities may be another sensitive consideration. At the onset of most labour disputes, clients are faced with the decision of having staff drive their own vehicles to work or arranging alternative transportation (e.g. ground, air or water transportation). CSM provides transportation for management staff at numerous facilities every year. Picket line crossings are thus greatly reduced or eliminated, the benefit being that your staff must no longer deal with stressful situations which may occur at the picket line.

Should common carriers or staff experience harassment while on route to or from your facility or marshaling yards, escort teams will ensure all vehicles reach their destination safely.

Canadian Security Management can supply the appropriate licensed and insured drivers, as well as units, for the transportation of goods and management.

For a detailed assessment of transportation requirements, further meetings will be necessary.