Premium Mine Security & Safety Services

Canadian Security management is the leading provider of specialized security services in Canada. Our management team and dedicated staff are the industry leaders in this field.

Our team of security experts has assisted a broad range of clients in most areas of the business and government related fields. Our professional approach has proven invaluable to all sizes of business across Canada.

Experience gained in the deployment and managing of hundreds of emergency security deployments across Canada, is also available to our valued clientele. 

Security Officer Services
Trained and experienced Security Officers can be supplied to clients for the following scenarios:

  • Energy Projects (Pipelines, Hydro Electric, etc.)
  • Mine Site Security and Safety
  • Remote Location Security and Safety (Exploration Sites, Mines)
  • Camp Security and Access Control
  • Emergency Response
  • Access Control
  • Patrol Services
  • Right of Way Inspections
  • Pipeline Construction Security
  • Labour Unrest Situations
  • Protests
  • Short to Long Term Programs

Security Officer Training Overview
We pride ourselves on stringent Hiring and Training procedures. Specialized Security Officers are recruited possessing industry related experience and/or Law and Security education.

We further train these talented individuals for specialized assignments.

Our Officers maintain the highest of standards in training, including:

  • CPR, First Aid, Defibrillator
  • Advanced/Occupational/First Responder First Aid (Available upon Request)
  • Mine Rescue Trained & Certified (Available upon Request)
  • Health & Safety  --  WHMIS
  • Basic Training for Security Officers
  • Advanced Security Protocols & Procedures
  • Tactical Communications
  • Conflict Resolution  
  • Use of Force      
  • Bomb Threats and Emergency Protocols
  • Investigative Procedures          
  • Incident Report Writing --  Maintain Access Logs
  • Motor Vehicle Accident/Damage Reporting
  • Chain of Command Protocol
  • Applicable Legislation:
    • Trespass to Property Act (Powers of Arrest)
    • Applicable Criminal Code Sections   
    • Mines Act and Health and Safety Act, Workers Compensation
    • Private Investigation and Security Acts