Canadian Security Management and Canadian Mine Security (CSM/CMS) are proud to have partnered with many interested Canadian First Nations, Aboriginal and Innu communities to offer our specialized security services in Canada.

Our agreements allow for a cooperative effort in creating meaningful local employment opportunities, full training and revenue sharing.

Where feasible, we are open to cooperatively explore mutually beneficial relationships.

Many CSM/CMS staff members have experience working with Canadian Aboriginal Community Members.  All personnel assigned to CSM/CMS projects have and will receive extensive Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training prior to and during deployments.  

The goal of our Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Course is to help non-Aboriginals work with Aboriginals in ways that convey respect for Aboriginal culture and understanding of the issues that are important to Aboriginal people. 

The course is presented in 4 units:

  1. The Importance of Culture and Cultural Awareness

  2. The Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

  3. Canadian History from an Aboriginal Perspective

  4. Present and Future Challenges for Aboriginal People

Community Support Policy

CSM is an important socioeconomic participant that is fully integrated into the communities where we operate.

We have an important social commitment and a strong sense of belonging to these communities and focus on efforts to contribute to the quality of life in these areas. 

  • We take an active leadership role in partnering with communities to expand their employment, training, capacity building, and economic development opportunities.

  • We work in consultation with our communities.

  • We use our resources to improve the quality of life in our communities.

  • We support community volunteerism among our employees.

  • We reach out and develop partnership, revenue sharing, training and employment opportunities to Aboriginal Communities in particular.